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Timothée Bonnet

Evolutionary biologist/ecologist

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Animal evolution, selection, demography, NOW!

I am a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, at Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (CNRS & La Rochelle Université).

I do research on recent genetic evolution and demography in wild animal populations. I work with various animals, but my current projects focus on albatrosses.

Looking for a PhD Student

Fully funded PhD project to work on current natural selection, evolution and demography in several population of Albatrosses, with fieldwork in the subantarctic.

Full description of the project at https://timotheenivalis.github.io/Rnotebooks/PhDProjectEnglish.pdf.

Version Française: https://www.univ-larochelle.fr/wp-content/uploads/TBonnet_CEBC_AAP_AllocDoc_2024-1.pdf.

Apply (CV + cover letter before May 31st 2024) or enquire at timothee.bonnet@cebc.cnrs.fr

Workshops of Bio-Statistics and R-programming are at https://timotheenivalis.github.io//workshops/.

My CV.

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