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Timothée Bonnet

Evolutionary biologist/ecologist

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The outside world


Scientific books and papers are full of facts and wisdom, and it often looks like the rest of the world could do better with those. Very few people read scientific literature (ref. needed), and it is a researcher’s responsibility to reach out to the public (although communicating the science can be tricky).

I am not doing enough in that direction yet. It takes time, skills, and the foresight to grasp opportunities. In a first attempt, I write a bit on the collective blog Dans les testicules de Darwin (in French). I have also contributed an article to the outreach and teaching resource website “Science Journal for Kids” (main page, in English; only the article .pdf in French).

Lately, I got to write a piece about contemporary biologic evolution for Planet-Vie, a French website maintained by the Ecole Normale Superieure, to help biology teachers stay up to date with recent research article, in French.


Birds, snakes, flowers, bettles… I love to report my sightings to citizen science database (ebird, biolovision…).

I am a member of the rare bird sighting committee for Northern Occitanie (Southern France) the CHTAL.


How not original, I try and take pictures of the could wildlife that cross my path. You can find a few of them on Flickr.

Birdwatching in Greifensee, Switzerland.