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Evolutionary biologist/ecologist

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Following the publication of our study of natural selection and genetic evolution in Scottish red deer (open access in PLoS Biology), I got invited to the Sunday Afternoon drive on ABC radio. I did not talk directly about my research, but instead had a chat about the scientific legacy of Darwin’s origin of species. I did not know, but apparently November 24th was the anniversary of the publication of the origin. I don’t care much about the story of big names in science, especially when they are dead, but that was certainly a great opportunity to talk a bit about evolutionary biology to a broad audience.

It was fun, short, and I am terribly sorry but I didn’t get time to talk about speciation and I was rather useless with questions about the history of science.

Click here for the MP3 file of my interview (10 minutes).

Many thanks to Kim Huynh for inviting me!