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Evolutionary biologist/ecologist

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I am giving a series of workshop about statistics in R at the Research School of Biology (ANU, Canberra). I upload course material on GitHub: https://github.com/timotheenivalis/Rcode-Stats-Bubbles, feel free to share, re-use, fork, change.

Workshops are also announced on the website of the Center for Biodiversity Analysis: http://cba.anu.edu.au/news-events/biostatistics-r-workshops-0.

So far we have discussed the basics of R programming, the basics of statistical inferences, t-tests, ANOVA, simple regressions, and linear models in general. Next should be more details about linear models, multiple regressions, generalized linear models, and mixed models; all of these spiced up with simulations, power analyses, and slightly philosophical considerations.

Thanks a lot to Lukas Keller for sharing some of his ideas and to Nina McLean and Kevin Murray for helping students survive my evil exercises during the workshops.